I have to say that I really love WordPress! Everything about it has be excellent. I just finished importing not only the content from the blog on the .Mac account, but I was even able to pull in the content from Blogger.com! All of my blogging now resides in one database. This is excellent.

I still need to edit the data from both accounts (around 450 posts) but the data is here. I can now safely delete the Blogger blog and allow the .Mac to expire without losing a thing. Now I just wish I had written something worth keeping! :)

Oh yes, and this is still not the final version of the blog. I thought the other theme was a bit too effeminate. This on is boring but it is a bit more manly.

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  • This is pretty cool.

    thought you would be a good resource to ask…

    Do you have or know of a quick easy layout of the theology of infant baptism? Either in book I can find or a document form you could send me? I could “re-look” through all my trinity notes, but seeing as they are still in boxes from moving and someone wanted to discuss whether to baptize or dedicate their child in our church I was hoping for a “cheat sheet”.

  • I think a good resource for this kind of thing is RC Sproul. I think he covers it in “The Heart of Reformed Theology”. Another book that really deals with the subject “Children of the Promise: The Biblical Case for Infant Baptism” by Robert R. Booth.

    Those would be good to beging with.

    Glad you like the new set up. As I said, it is still a work in progress.

  • John Murray’s “Christian Baptism” is considered standard reading among Reformed Presbyterians.

  • Thanks Joe. I’d forgotten that one. I wasn’t really impressed by Murray’s presentation personally. But if the Presbyterians like it…

  • blah blah blah .. Mac Mac Mac. And what do you mean effeminate? I happened to LIKE the other layout, and I’m man enough to admit it.

    by the way: you’re not going anti-Presbyterian are you? :)

  • I’m referring to the first version of THIS site, not the .Mac one. I kind of like that one too!

    Do you see anything anti-Presby in this? I just want in pressed with Murray’s book. Man, are you getting paranoid or something? :)

  • BTW, if you haven’t done so yet, you might want to consider installing the Spam Karma plugin (2.0) for WordPress. It’s very effective against Spam (usually without even being noticeable to legitimate commenters. It very easy to install.

  • Cool, thanks David, I’ll check it out. I know comment spam can be a real issue.

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