A Conscientious Objector

Joe Thorn has a great post on being a conscientious objector to the cultural war. I agree with all he says there and wish I had written something like it. I could add a few more items to it but instead, I’ll just paraphrase Hebrews, “But as it is, we desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called our God, for he has prepared for us a city.”

Now we live with tent pegs. We’re Americans or British or Canadians or whatever, but our citizenship is in heaven. We’re ambassadors here, not residents.

This doesn’t result in our apathy towards the world, listen to the news and hear how the big responders to Katrina is not the government or the Red Cross, it is America’s churches.

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  • Thanks for the link man. I dig the new look. This theme is one of the better designs for WordPress. What were you using before WP? I used blogger, then typepad, and now WP – which I like the best.

  • No problem Joe, I should have linked to you a while ago. Just downloaded and skimmed Fuel. Totally cool. You must have a great church!

    The new look is still a bit too effeminate for me. I like your colors. Gotta work on it.

    Blogs? BFS v1.0 was on Blogspot when they first started up. Then I moved to iBlog for BFS v2.0 because it came free with my .Mac account. It was better than Blogspot (they they have improved a lot since they started). Now I’m on WordPress and loving it. I was able to import all my old posts from iBlog. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do but they’re with me when my .Mac account enters the Big Bit Bucket in the Sky.

  • Yeah, I found the process pretty smooth importing my posts from typepad. I wanted earth tones, parchment feel, something totally original. Chad designed something I am very happy with.

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