The Grind

First day (night, actually) of school is today. I have The Prophetic and Poetic Books with Dr. VanGemeren. I am really, really looking forward to this class.

What is really cool is that I am on top of the reading so far. We had two books assigned to be read before the final and I did them over the summer and knocked them out. After that, I have to have certain pages read by class dates. So I count the pages and divide them amongst “reading days”. Reading days omit Sunday and the day of the class since it is an evening class and I work all day. Then I grab the Franklin and write down a page range for each day and then scratch them out as I complete them. So far I’m ahead. This cannot last. By mid-term I am usually hopelessly behind. But I’m going to try to stay on top of it.

So now we’re back in that head-down, plowing ahead posture as I enter the homestretch of my seminary time. Last year. Three classes this term and one with an internship next term.

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  • AWESOME! Looking forward to May!!!

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