Thursday we dropped our son off at college. I have a child in college. I am old enough to have a child in college. Of course, I’m proud as punch that he’s there. He’s starting his first year as a chemistry major at Wheaton College. About an hour away.

It hasn’t hit us yet that he’s gone. So far it just feels like he’s away for the weekend or something. I think it will really hit us when he’s been gone a few weeks. His youngest sister, Gillian, missed him right away. As we were moving him in to his new dorm room, she called weeping. Bernadette, however, was busy clearing out his old room and moving in her new “distressed” shabby chic stuff.

We all drove down to Wheaton this AM and took him out to church and lunch and bought him a few more things for the dorm. We met his roommate, a fine, cultured Southern gentleman who is studying archeology.

And I have a son in college.

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  • Tim, thanks for the comment to my blog. And, really glad to hear of another reformed EFC pastor. We’re few & far between. However, we haven’t had to experience what many SBC guys are going through. Even though there’s a “resurgence” of Calvinists in that group, seems like the “witch-hunters” are out to burn Calvin instead of Servetus!

    Keep in touch and if you can possibly provide more of the demotivational Star Trek posters, I know I’ll be healthier for it (your body releases healthy endorphines when you laugh loud & hard… man, am I on a rush now or what!)


  • yes…that does make you seem old(er)… ;-)

  • Thank you Matt, you’ve always made me feel young around you!! :)

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