Running Kenya

I’ve been here since Saturday and yesterday we did a lot of walking, including some good hills. So I thought today would be a great day to run! I started at a house at the bottom of the hill in the complex we’re staying at and ran to the school at the top. Three other people ran with me which was great.

So did I mention this was all uphill? Did I mention that we’re at about 7,000 feet? Did I mention it was uphill? Anyway, we got to the top and there was a football field. By this point “we” equals two of us. So Dan and I did laps. That was much, much easier. The trip down the hill, man, I could have run forever. Almost kept going and called our hosts to pick us up on the valley floor! (Not really.) 2.7 miles and an 11 minute per mile pace. But hey, I ran in Kenya!

Our hosts told us that the tribe here in Kenya that is known for running lives on the floor of the Rift Valley. They are still incredible runners but running up here in the mountains isn’t the same.

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