Gillian and I are packing tonight. Tomorrow we get on a plane and head to Kenya for two weeks. Before we’ve even left it has been an amazing trip. One that two and a half months ago I said was impossible. Jesus disagreed and guess who won?

So we’re going to work with a friend. He was here in the States working on his PhD when we met. He and his family attend Lakeland and we were in a small group together. I’ll be teaching in his church on leadership. Me and another man on our team will be preaching Sunday morning messages and teaching men’s Bible studies. The team will be doing a Vacation Bible School and working with a group of orphans (from AIDS and poverty) his family takes care of. We’ll do some evangelism, open air and some door-to-door. And his church owns a house which we’ll help paint.

This trip came together very quickly. We got to a point that we didn’t have enough to purchase tickets and the prices kept going up but we found a cheaper fare. That got us to Kenya but didn’t give us money to live and eat there. But we kept pressing on and now we have enough money to cover all of the things needed, including excess baggage fees which are pretty steep these days!

This is the first time I’ve lead a team like this and it has been exciting, energizing, terrifying and fun. I have a very good team, one couple were missionary kids and have been to Africa before so they have some cross cultural experience. I am excited and ready to go!

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