More Spam Fun

I’m sure we’ve all gotten that e-mail claiming that someone has $1.5M in an account and they need to get it out of X country. They ask you to open an account they can transfer it to and you can keep some. It is a scam to get your personal information.

Usually it is the widow or son of some assassinated or deposed ruler. Here’s a new twist:

From Amed Hassan,
Abidjan (Ivory

Tele: 22507599685.


I am Mr Amed Hassan from Ivory Coast. I am an orphan of 18years old,
being that I lost my father a couple of a year, and some months ago. My
father was a serving director of the Cocoa exporting board until his
death .

It goes on from there. I guess the spammers are finding little sympathy for deposed dictators and now are turning to 18 year old orphans. Egh.

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