Life But Not as We Know it, Jim

NASA found alien life!! NASA found alien life!! This proves without a doubt that evolution is gospel truth and that all religion of any kind is wrong and that Carl Sagan was a god!!

Well, they found life on earth. Not as big a deal, I’ll admit. Also, I’m not sure why NASA of all agencies was looking for life on earth but that’s, I guess, what happens when the government cuts your funding and so there you are.  So what’s the big deal about NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration just so you know) finding life on earth? I mean, we all suspected it was here all along, didn’t we? The big diff is that NASA(?) found a bacteria that is not built out of phosphorus like the rest of the living things we looked at on this planet, nope, this one is made out of arsenic. That is wild, I have to admit.

And where do you think they found this critter? In a bottle of elderberry wine? Nah, that’s been done. Nope, they found it living in Mono Lake in California. Mono Lake is “is an alkaline and hypersaline lake in Mono County, California.” Over the years the water has been becoming increasing rich in arsenic and NASA scientists have been poking around in the mud trying to figure out if there is life in there. And now they’ve found it.

The hysteria surrounding this boils down to the premise “We found life unlike anything we’ve ever seen and so that increases the possibility of finding life on other planets.” Uh. Sure. Unless the little things kind of evolved along with the changing environment they found themselves in. They don’t use water in the process of photosynthesis, these enterprising creatures use arsenic. Because, you know, there’s tons of it around them.

Kind of funny how in the rush to prove evolution they forget evolution in the process.

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