Why Grace is Free

Loved this from Mike Wittmer:

Imagine asking a woman to marry you and she responds, “Okay, but I’ll need ten thousand dollars up front and monthly payments of $795.” Or being told by your teenage child, “Mom and dad, I’m an adult now and I want to settle up. How much do I owe you for raising me?” Or how would you feel if, after performing a heartfelt song for someone you love, they give you a hug and say, “That meant so much to me. What’s a fair price for your effort?”

God’s grace is free because it is priceless. The cost was the death of God’s own Son and that is something we can’t even understand, let alone get close to paying for. It is offensive and belittles the gift to try to pay God back for what Jesus accomplished to make us his own. The appropriate response is to thank and love the giver. Don’t dishonor the gift by trying to pay for it.

I repent, I repent of parading my liberty
I repent, I repent of paying for what I get for free
And for the way I believe that I am living right
By trading sins for others that are easier to hide
I am wrong and of these things I repent – Derek Webb, I Repent

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