It has arrived!

I attended the first public meeting of The Gospel Coalition back in May. I feel like I was a part of something seminal that could have an impact in the future. The meeting was limited to only about 500 people or so, but the caliber of the speakers top notch. Tim Keller and D. A. Carson are the two who spearheaded the Coalition but they soon brought in other “roughly Reformed” (Carson’s term) Christians to participate.

While the conference itself was good, there is more to the Coalition than just conferences. Carson mentioned other groups who are doing similar work and have conferences: Together For The Gospel, Desiring God Ministries, Acts 29 and others. What sets the Coalition apart is that they want to “recover the confessional core of evangelicalism” (Carson again). Not only are they having cool conferences, they have drafted some helpful documents including a confession and a theological vision for ministry. These documents are intended to help the evangelical church recover lost theological ground.

The Gospel Coalition isn’t competing with those other ministries, it is attempting to work beside and supplement them. At any rate, their website has been under construction since the conference ad is now available. Please visit the site and look around. Videos from the conference are being added regularly. The documents the Coalition drafted are available as well as some other helpful materials.

I’m looking forward to what comes next for The Gospel Coalition and their impact on the church. May God bless this effort with fruit.

By the way, I just browsed the stakeholders and noted 6 Evangelical Free Church of America pastors and three TEDS teachers. It is good to see that my denomination is represented well there. It shows that there are leaders in our denomination who are concerned about the gospel.

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