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This is interesting. Tim Keller’s Redeemer Pres in NYC was rated the number one multiplying church by Outreach Magazine. Number two was Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church in Seattle. The church in third place made me do a double take. It is a church in Keller, TX.

So if you’re a pastor and you want to get your church to reproduce, it appears that your odds are better if you have “Keller” in your name somewhere. :)

Any way, this is encouraging news to me. Having been immersed in church growth literature for the past few weeks I keep hearing about all the techniques to get your church to grow and there is scare mention of solid theology. Programs, greeters, staff, but not a bunch on theology. Redeemer and Mars Hill both have solid, Reformed theology at their core. They’re not planting wishy-washy churches, they’re planting who take a stand on good theology.

So to my good buddies Tim and Mark, congrats bros. Glad to see that all that advice and mentoring I gave you has been taken to heart and is producing fruit. ;)

[HT: Reformissionary]

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  • Bob Roberts’ church in Texas (#3) is no surprise to me. They are doing an amazing work there with putting all their emphasis on planting instead of growing themselves. You should look into Roberts’ books to get his take on things.

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