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So on a whim I downloaded and installed the first public beta of Internet Explorer 7. It seems to have installed some kind of Quartz like video layer or at least turned on anti-aliasing. The screen now looks a lot more like my Powerbook than it used to.

IE7 introduces tabbed browsing. A little late to the game but there it is. There is also a Exposé-like button that puts all the tabs on the same screen so you can see what you have open. It has a built in search bar and RSS feeds (again, a little late to the game).

Overall, it doesn’t make my eyes bleed like IE6 used to. But it is still torturously slow. The screen updates lag pretty severly. When you load my homepage via FireFox or Safari, the rendering engines in those browsers chew it up and spit it out pretty fast. IE6 would take forever and this beta of 7 isn’t much better.

So, I guess my bottom line recommendation: It is still beta, wait till it gets released for real. I will be.

Edit: I will wait till it goes gold before I even consider using it at work on my PC. It is very unlikely that I will replace FireFox with it anytime soon. As in ever.

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  • Since I can’t find your e-mail I will send my letter to you this way:
    I decided to examine some of your suggestions to change my blog. I created a sample found here: This of course is minimal change to the color scheme.

    I have looked at other blogs at blogger and found some things I would like to do but I don’t know how to change the html on the template.
    For example,
    I would love to have some pics in my header… much like Travis’s blog on wordpress or I can create the picture… I just don’t understand how to make the picture my header. And I can’t find any help with bloggers help pages to make that happen.

    Also I have on my regular blog widened the header and content. It is not as narrow on the screen now. Is there a disadvantage to this? I would actually like to put in an additional sidebar on the left in which I could list my favorite posts, or picture links to different organizations. But I can’t figure out that either. And how do you post pictures in your sidebar?

    Do you have any suggestions on either how I can do this or how I can figure out how to do this? Perhaps you could forward me the html you use and then I can fill in the holes… that is how I can created what I have created thusfar.

    Thanks for any help or point in other directions you can give.

    PS: I am asking you because I like the look of your blog and you seem to know this IT stuff pretty well.

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