Identify the Christian Response

Below are two responses from two different religions to the tsunami. I’ve edited them slightly to make it a bit less obvious and to get to the heart of the issue in each one. See if you can identify which is the Christian.

Response1: It is through the will of [God] that this has happened but then the positive side is the way mankind has reacted. People will question why it is taking place,why the enormity of loss of human life, but it is that aspect which is beyond us and it is our firm belief that any such disaster, anything of that nature happening, is through the will of [God]. [God] knows best. We certainly have the right to question. It’s a time for us to really think of ourselves, our deeds, our acts, and we need to ponder over this. It’s a sign that none of us are going to live for an indefinite period, therefore it is a sign for us to do something very positive. Death always takes place. When a person is born one thing guaranteed is death but what form it takes is always beyond us. People of faith need to have a very firm belief in [God], that at the end of the day it is through his will and it is for the betterment of mankind at large.

Response 2: In this litigious age we are always looking for someone to blame and in the absence of anyone else we look to blame [God] because it is a “natural” event. It’s quite clear the world is riddled with inequality but I don’t accept the idea that [God] is sitting up there mischievously tweaking the strings. In the case of the tsunami, [people of our faith] are challenged to live out our response. Until now at least, we have not been found wanting in our response. [People of our faith] have been among those at the forefront of the relief effort.

Okay, for bonus points, identify the religion of the both quotes.
Once you think you have it, check your answers at the source.

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