iBook Win95

I decided to install Windows 95 on my iBook. I know, I know. Windows? Right. And, Windows won’t run on a G3 processor, only Intel! Right again. I had to buy a copy of Virtual PC for my Mac so I can use a piece of Windows 3.1 software that is required for classes next term and strongly suggested for this term. So I bought Virtual PC with DOS and installed a legal copy of Win 95b I had kicking around the house. It was a lot cheaper that way.

I gotta say, Virtual PC is very cool, no wonder Microsoft bought it. It sets up and environment for Windows that emulates a Pentium computer. It even uses the devices on my iBook like the modem, the CD drive, and the USB port.

So now my iBook can boot to OS X and run OS 9 and Win95.

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