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Last school year was sort of tough. I felt overwhelmed with work and isolated. I didn’t know many people at school because I’d just started. I didn’t know many people at church because I couldn’t get too involved. I knew everyone at home but spent little time there. This year seems like it might be different.

I stopped by today to take care of some paperwork. On the way to the office I ran into a guy I meant last year in Suicide Greek. We chatted as we walked, catching up on what we’ve been doing this summer. When I got to the office, Dr Janiszewski knew me by name. He was glad to see me and we chatted for a bit. When I’d finished, I headed to check my mail and passed Dr. Roy‘s office. He, too, knew me by name and took time to talk.

I’m not name-dropping here, it was just good to be known. I’m hoping that the workload won’t be as devistating as it was last year (though I am doing Hebrew) and I can plug in more.

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