I took my computer to Disneyland. A parable of sorts.

I took my computer to Disneyland.
I got a nice room at the Disneyland Hotel, it faced the park. I could hear the people screaming on the rollercoasters from
my room.
I played Rollercoaster Tycoon a lot. I got a brochure when I checked in and I built a park that was just like
California Adventure. It was a lot of work but I think I did a good job.
I brought food so I could eat in my room. The grocery store didn’t have Mickey Mouse waffles like they sell at
Goofy’s Kitchen but I got something pretty close.
It was really cool, I downloaded all the commercials for Disneyland and watched them on my computer over and over. I would point at the screen and think, “Man! That is where I am right now!” I can even sing most of the songs from them.
I bought some souvenirs at the gift show when I checked out. I got Mickey Mouse ears and a really cool t-shirt so that people will know that I went to Disneyland.

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