Trinity is in the media spotlight. Three students “of color” received threatening letters via campus mail. When the third letter came in the minority students were moved off campus to a hotel while the investigation is underway. This morning when I came to school there were vans lined up in the parking lot. The media has descended. So far they’ve been pretty fair but I’m watching. They tend to spin things out of proportion to get ratings.

On a related note, the lady who found a fingertip in her Wendy’s chili has been arrested. Has she been tried in the media? Who knows. I know of a local family who reported something extraordinary (no UFOs or anything like that) to the police and within a week the media camped on their front lawn and started questioning whether they made it up to get attention.

Update: As I drove back in after lunch I saw a group of about 15 students in a circle praying in the center of the campus in the cold rain. I did not, however, see any media recording it. That is for the best no doubt.

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