God on Trial

In Theology I, Dr. Vanhoozer is having us write a dialog paper and gave us two choices. I’m doing mine on God on Trial where we have to put God on trial for creating the world. Is there enough evidence to convict Him? What bugs me about this is that this sounds more like it should be in an apologetics course.

Still, as I get into the project more I’m beginning to see the wisdom. One of the books he recommended is When Science Meets Religion by Ian Barbour. Barbour is trying to make science and religion get along but he does so by making special revelation subject to general revelation. He’s got some strong neo-orthodox symphathies. To present Barbour’s position we have to understand it. Since his position touches on so many of the areas we’ve discussed in class, this may in the end be helpful.

What I plan on doing is pitting Barbour’s position against Augustine’s. To do that, I have to understand both of them. Barbour is no problem, I think I’ve already got him figured out. Augustine might be a bit harder since some of his writings on the subject of creation and the book of Genesis seem to be more scarce than, for example, Confessions of City of God. I’m hoping either the library or the internet come through.

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