Damn Nits

There are these billboards I see everyday on my way to school for Dasani bottled water from Coke. They always bugged me because it is a picture of a woman looking up smiling with her mouth slightly opened and there’s a hand holding an empty bottle of water superimposed over it like she’s drinking. I always thought what bugged me was the amaturish construction of the image till I looked again. Along the side of the poorly constructed image are these words:


Improper capitalization aside, they used “everyday” instead of “Every day.” (check it on their website here.) ‘Everyday’ is an adjective and while ‘Every day’ is not a complete sentance, it is what they meant. In the end I think both the bad grammar and the poor graphics are what bugged me. I know, it worked because I remembered the sign, however, it hasn’t made me want to drink their water so it didn’t really work!

By the way, they picked the name ‘Dasani’ because “Consumer testing showed that the name is relaxing and suggests pureness and replenishment.” I don’t find it relaxing nor does it suggest pureness or refreshment! Which consumers did they talk to?

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