Comment $p@m

Oh yes, I got a lot of it. But Spam Karma, a WordPress plug in, catches it and makes it go to a bad place. I check Spam Karma quite often to make sure it didn’t flag any friends. So today there are a ton and one of them says “Actually i am not an active serfer, but this this site is really great, i will spread it through my friends.” Causes me to chuckle a little. Or is it chortle? No, not a chortle. While I do surf, I am not generally known to ‘serf’. Isn’t it amazing what a spell checker can do for a non-native speaker spamming up the internet?

Any way, at first I wondered why they would dump spam on my blog, it isn’t like I’m ever going to visit their sites or anything. The reason is not so I’ll visit but in order to boost their rating at Google so they will show up more toward the top of a Google search on whatever. Google ranks based on the number of incoming links to a website. Clever idea but it can be gamed, its called Google Bombing. Go to Google and type “failure” in then click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. That results is because of Google Bombing.

So if you are a WordPress user and have not yet downloaded and installed the Spam Karma 2 plug in, please do so now.

Update: Since posting this I have gotten around 200-300 comment spams per day with that same stupid sentence in them. Spam Karma is working overtime! :) On a related note, someone I don’t know had a conversation with a comment spammer. Turns out that they don’t all have horns and a tail after all! This one was simply clueless. [HT: Paulo]

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  • SK2 has totally flaked on me, when I go to general anymore in my dashboard… it’s a HUGE page of Code… I activated Akismet and so far it’s really good. I think SK2 is still working, cause it’s still sending me e-mails but even with a reinstall it didn’t work…

  • Still working fine for me. Did you upgrade WordPress recently?

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