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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President George Bush today announced that he has changed his shirt. “I have consulted fashion experts and members of congress and taken the bold and needed step of changing my shirt.”

This change came after the President’s approval figures continued to slip in polls and the loss of Republican control of the Senate. The President’s choice of shirt had often been cited in both cases. Two months ago the President announced that he would be seen in public with a new shirt after the new year.

“This is a bold new shirt for America. It had become obvious to me that the previous shirt was not working. We needed a change. You asked for a change and I heard you” the President said in a news conference.

The change was welcomed by Republicans. “Where the previous shirt failed,” said Senate Minority Whip Mitch McConnell, “this new shirt is a fresh change of direction for the President and for the United States of America.”

The Democratic response was less enthusiastic. “The shirt change does not go far enough!” Said Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House. “It simply isn’t the change of shirt that America needs. It isn’t the change of wardrobe the people demanded in voting in the new Congress.” She went on to cite problems with the sleeve length and color choice in the new shirt as being insufficient.

Public reaction was mixed. In a New York Times poll, 23% of the people approved of the new shirt while 27% disapproved. An informal interview with shoppers at the Westfield Mall outside Columbus, Ohio yielded some confused results.

“But isn’t that the same shirt he was wearing before?” asked homemaker Janet Fogelman. “It doesn’t look like it’s changed. There is that stain right next to his tie that was there before. Same color too.” Bystanders looking at the same picture of the President’s new shirt agreed.

“How come the Democrats didn’t notice that?” asked Mike Wilkey, a truck driver who was standing behind Mrs. Fogelman.

“Man, is the dude ever going to change his shirt? I’m sick of looking at the same [expletive deleted] thing. Doesn’t he know that it isn’t working for him?” Commented Jimmy Straton, a high school senior. Many in the gathered crowed voiced their agreement.

Richard Fortman stepped forward and disagreed. “You people are being un-American! Demanding that the President change his shirt is giving in to the demands of America’s enemies. We have to stay the course!”

Neither Democratic nor Republican spokesmen were available to comment on the observations.

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  • Seems as though you could almost substitute the word “strategy” for “shirt” and … hey, wait a minute ….

  • Ya think? :)

  • What you guys never hard the parable of the shirt?

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