I would like to combine my Tungsten T3 and my cellphone into one device. Yea, the iPhone got me thinking. There is no way in the world I am going to get one, but a smart phone would be nice. So I started looking around. I’m on Verizon and I’m a Mac user so what’s available for me? The PalmOne TrÄ“o, that’s what. It runs on Palm OS and it available on the Verizon network. Cool.

However, I don’t want to pay Verizon for internet access, I’d rather use my WiFi at home which I’m already paying for. Sorry, no go. The TrÄ“o’s switched to Windows Mobil with the TrÄ“o 700’s. To get Windows Mobil to sync with my Mac I’d have to buy additional software. So that limits me to earlier models. While the TrÄ“o 650 runs on Palm OS, it does not have built in WiFi capability. You used to be able to get a card that plugs in and then some hacked drivers to get WiFi on it, but a firmware update killed that.

So my options for a Mac compatible, WiFi-enabled smart phone that works on Verizon are essentially nil. This came as a real shock to me. It doesn’t seem like I’m asking for a whole lot here.

Updated: Oh, by the way, I’m an idiot. There is a Palm TrÄ“o 700p that runs on Palm. It is available through Sprint but is a CDMA phone and so it should work on Verizon. However, it was much more than I spent on my 650 so I’m a happy and not poor idiot. :)

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  • If you go with another network your options will increase by leaps and bounds. Verizon sells very few phones and refuses to flash or patch any phone they don’t sell, like most other carriers do.

  • Changing carriers is not possible at this point. Every time we do something on the account, we incur another 2 year commitment. When we added your phone, we picked up another 2 year contract.

    I just wish Verizon would get their act together.

  • Tim;

    Next time you have lunch with Steve Jobs, add this to your iPhone wish list: GPS. When I fantasize about going to Google Maps on the iPhone that I will never be able to afford, I want to dream about an icon labeled, “Find Me.” When someone else, who can buy one of these things taps “Find Me,” Google maps displays their current location. They can then tap “take Me” and either enter an address and see that location on the map, or get dirrections to or from their current location, or another address. Oh yeah, and I want them to be able to obtain traffic information with recommended alternative routes. And voice dirrections. Yeah, voice dirrections are cool. Then you and I can go to and look at wickedly cool video clips showing all the great GPS features we can’t have. Way cool.

    And don’t forget to say, “hi” to Steve for me. (Does he pay for these lunches?)

  • I want one that has an icon labeled “Find Osama”. That’s what I want. The scary thing is that most of David’s “wish list” will be out in a couple of years …

    I dumped everything, switched to TMobile and got an “SDA” phone – smart phone (Windows Mobile :( ) that works with my home wireless, works all over the world (4 band GSM), synchs with my PIM, so all my contact and calendar information are there. No graffiti or Palm OS, but I have everything else in a convenient package. I’m happy — and I’m liking TMobile.

  • Cartee, available in a few years? It could be rolled out next week if Apple believed there was a market for it. And waddaya mean scarry? What’s scary about using GPS technology and maps together? I would use it pulling out of my driveway, just for fun. Of course, I have been known to get lost pulling out of my driveway, but that is another post for another day.

    Since I have your attention, let me scare you some more. I want my wife (who also can’t afford, and frankly would be bored by these digital toys), my kids, and anyone else that I designate to have me pop up on their in-phone maps, and for them (or at least their phones) to pop up on mine. I know; sweaty palms about secret government surveillance teams tracking our every move. Sure. I’m so important and interesting that the government is going to follow me around. Get real! It would be very handy, could be a lifesaver in an emergency, can be done with existing, off the shelf hard and software, and frankly, won’t compromise our privacy because, really, do you think anyone cares where you or I stop after work to pick up a gallon of milk? Still, for the cautious, the share feature could be defeated by the end user. Now, if only the phone and plan wouldn’t cost more than I paid for my car . . . .

    PS: I am with Tim. I want Palm PDA features too, including the ability to download third-party apps.

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