An Old Joke Revived, Sadly

In a very large sense, this is no laughing matter. It turns out that there are unsafe levels of mercury in tuna. Again. This was a problem in the 70s and sadly it is back. Mercury is a very bad thing to be poisened by.

Okay, now for the old joke. Did you hear that Ford is recalling the Mercury line of cars? Yea, it turns that they have unsafe levels of tuna in them.

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  • I’d always heard it like this: they are recalling Pintos because they have unsafe levels of GAS in them.

    Okay – that’s dumb, I’ll admit. But I’m slap-happy from finals.

    So, now we can’t eat Tuna. I’ll just add that to the list, along with Sea Bass, Red Snapper, and Halibut. Pretty soon, I’ll just start a list of what seafood IS edible.

  • Wow. That was possibly the worst joke. Ever.

    But I did manage a smile…

  • Well Mike, if you can find something to smile about in the midst of all that adversity, well I’d say that makes you kind of like Tiny Tim. Without the crutches. No poverty either. And, oddly enough, no Christmas goose. Although, I suppose, someone could indeed goose you on and for Christmas.

    God bless us, God bless us everyone!

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