St. Anne’s Public House

Joost Nixon is the brother of a friend of mine from California and an internet acquaintance of mine from a few years ago. I met him when he had moved to Idaho to work for Credenda/Agenda. Since then, Joost has moved to Spokane and is pastor of Christ Church there. One of the ministries of Christ Church is St. Anne’s Public House, an excellent audio resource. The whole thing is a Christian analysis of the culture we live in. Even more, it is free. You can download it or get a free CD.

This month’s theme is incredibly timely: rest. In the holiday season we get so busy and stressed that a study in rest is just what we need.

Buried in there is a commentary from Joost on Bono. Joost says that his efforts to ignore Bono routinely fail. Mine too. Bono is such an enigma to me that he seems to press into my thoughts more often than I expected. Joost has some very good and helpful observations about Bono’s spiritual success and failures. I think Joost has put Bono in perspective for us.

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