You Say You Want A Resolution?

Last year I decided that for my private devotions, I would only read Luke. I did that and loved it. It was wonderful to slow down and focus on the text for a while. I’m currently in chapter 20 for about the forth time this year and I plan on finishing the book before I start my next reading program. I wasn’t sure what that would be till I read this post from Lee Irons’ blog.

I think next year I’m going to try to read through the Greek NT at least once. Over the summer I tried to refresh my Greek in addition to everything else. That didn’t work. Trying to read Greek for half an hour just before bed wasn’t cutting it for me. I need more mental focus that is available to me at that time of the day.

OK, so I did it in seminary. I worked till about 11PM and then sat up studying Greek till about 4AM. Then I woke up at about 7AM and did it all over again. I got through two years of Greek like that but I don’t recommend it. I don’t remember much. During the refresh, I would like it to stick!

So what I think I’m going to try this next year is to start reading the Greek NT, chapter at a time, on the train on the way in in the morning. Hit Caribou for a cup of awake before I get on the train. I’ll try to read for half a hour and then knock it off. I have a journal so I can make some notes of interesting things I might want to dig in to.

Frankly, I know me. I don’t have high hopes of this lasting for very long but I’m willing to try. I get frustrated and then give up. If I can get myself to slog through it for a while and get the basic vocab down again, this could be helpful.

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  • Where are you working these days?

  • I still work for Whole Foods but I’m at the regional corporate office in Chicago now.

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