Why I Will Vote Third Party

My candidate won’t win but my vote still can.


This post will not be about why I won’t vote for Hillary or Trump. Suffice it to say that I believe they are both power-hungry narcissists and I disagree with both of them on important political and social issues. There is no guarantee that either will nominate Supreme Court justices who will defend and interpret the constitution. In my estimation, neither candidate is suited to lead this great nation.

Politically, I am a moderate but I’m a social conservative. That means I believe there is a role for government beyond erecting traffic signs and less than outlawing large sodas. My approach to voting has been to vote for the candidate I believe will be able to do the least amount of damage, which means that I have voted Republican and Democrat in the past. This election I have decided to vote for neither since I believe they are both capable of inflicting an equal amount of damage. Here’s why I believe it is important for me to vote for a third party.

I live in California. My state has voted solidly Democrat since 1992 and is considered to be very “strongly safe Clinton”. It is highly unlikely California will swing Republican so in a sense, my vote doesn’t really matter. California’s Electoral College votes are almost certainly going to Clinton. This is frustrating but at the same time liberating. If I vote my conscience I am not giving my state to Clinton no matter what any talking head says.

But in a very important way, my vote still matters. By voting for a third party I am able to register my dissatisfaction with both parties. True, my candidate won’t win but my vote still can. If a large enough portion of the voting public votes third party we can make a third party viable even if it isn’t in this election. The argument against voting third party is that if you don’t vote for X you’re voting for Y. I’ve heard this from both Democrats and Republicans and I solidly reject that reasoning.

We’ve all lived with only Democrat and Republican parties so we forget it wasn’t always so. The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln. The political landscape has changed in the past and it can be changed in the future. For too long we have been told that we must choose one of two options presented. My vote can no longer be coerced by a two-party system that has consistently presented poor options since 1992. The unacceptable options presented in this election cycle have finally pushed me to break out of that system.

So how will I be voting? The Libertarian party seems to be gaining steam and may be a contender though I have very little confidence in their candidates. To me, Johnson is the lesser of three evils. The independent Evan McMullin is the first conservative voice I’ve heard in a while. I’m considering voting for him. His Mormon view of America and its “inspired” constitution give me pause but it isn’t like he’s going to win.

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  • I vote with my pocket book. Compare trumps tax plan vs Hilary’s. http://taxfoundation.org. Trump has a solid economic plan, I’m not interested in paying more taxes which I will under Hillary

  • Taxes are very much not an issue for me. Despite what Hillary said in the debate tax cuts didn’t cause the recession. Despite what the tea party says taxes are now what is holding the economy back. So that one is a wash for me on these two.

  • They may not be an issue with you but for millions of working Americans it very much is an issue.

  • Taxes aren’t burdening people. Obamacare is. Stagnant wages are. A stuttering economy is. Government regulation that stifles entrepreneurs and fails to restrain shortsighted gains is the problem.

  • Tim Etherington you are right on government regulation. However you are very wrong on taxes. Just bc we “accept it” does not mean it’s fine. Not to mention under hillarys plan my taxes go up. Why? Because she is punishing the middle class. Now I’m not up to speed on church tax laws so I’ll refrain from commenting, but for normal Americans like me that pay at least 20k a year in federal taxes. Yeah we’re fed up. When really taxes will not make a dent in the deficit. Trumps tax plan is not perfect but it is a lot better for the people who work for a living, and ultimately help drive the economy.

  • No thanks ….

  • Okay my friend, I won’t argue with you. If you’re paying $20k in taxes you’re getting soaked. I was thinking of the general middle class person who is married and has 1.3 children and a mortgage. Even before I went into ministry I wasn’t paying anywhere near $20k.

    Having said that, it is congress who sets the tax rate, not the president. He/she just has to sign the law. So if taxes are your biggest concern, focus on your congressman.

    All that’s beside the point. You have to vote the way you think is best.

  • Another chance for hillary

  • Why I will voting third party


  • Not fair. For example, all ‘dates’ look good at first until you see them in action a few months down the line. I like the vetting process, even as hard as it is. He has not gone through that, unfair as it may be, so I don’t know anything about him, and just reading about him does not tell me his true character.

  • I don’t care for him, personally. Just mentioned it because it looks like third party options might be gaining momentum.

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  • Voting third party gives Clinton the better chance of getting in more liberal Supreme Court nominees

  • If you read my blog post you’ll see why my voting third party doesn’t equal a vote for Clinton.

  • Stop the silliness!!
    Your third party vote means NOTHING in California. Clinton will win this state, thats the bottom line . Perhaps I shouldn’t say nothing, if you leave the ballot box with a sense of pride knowing you didn’t select either of the polarizing candidates, well then thats something.

  • I am a libertarian registered IND and I am voting for trump because the risk of Hillary is too great. Tim Etherington however I do agree with most of your blog post.

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  • Before this, I would have agreed with you. But I keep hearing from Blacks and Hispanics that they do not want Hill and are voting for Trump. It will be interesting to see November.

  • Agreed!

  • And the Chicago Trip endorsed Johnson today. The potential for a viable third party is growing.

  • Sorry, one month away does not impress me. Johnny come latelys are not usually a good choice. Just sayin’. And I hate saying this, but I know it’s done– it could also be a diversion created by the Dems to get Repubs off track. And I do not want to play into their hands!

  • In spite of his endorsement Johnson has been tripping over himself repeatedly for two weeks and I think his candidacy has lost a little of it’s sheen

  • Shocking yet interesting.

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  • So I was not the only one. Mathematically and statistically our vote for a third party candidate was not and never would be a vote for Clinton or whoever…. What the 3rd party vote has done is deny both Trump and Clinton a clear majority of the vote. Clinton may have more popular votes then anyone else but she did not get 51% of ALL votes cast for President. She would have been, as Trump will be, a minority President. No mandate there though the propaganda machines will work overtime to say otherwise.

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