What’s Good for the Donkey is Good for the Elephant

Here in Chicago there is an ongoing stink over Sinclair Media‘s plan to air “Stolen Honor“, a documentary on Kerry’s anti-war efforts after he left Vietnam. They’ve scaled it back and will air clips in a different format. The problem is that Kerry is not given equal time. Sinclair Media owns or manages 62 TV stations in 39 markets, some of those markets are in swing states so you can see where the concern comes from.

But wait. Why was there such a warm reception of Fahrenheit 9/11 by the Democrats? Moore’s point in making that film was to defeat Bush. Where is the equal time for Bush during the screening of 9/11? Where is the Democratic cry of “unfair” in the airing of that film?

My point is that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If it is okay for Moore to do his slanted “documentary” why is it not okay for Carlton Sherwood to “document” Kerry’s protest record?

In the end I think they are both inappropriate uses of the media of film for political purposes. Sinclair capitulated to the pressure not to air Stolen Honor but Moore reveled in the opposition. It bothers me that both the Left and Right are resorting to this kind of tactic.

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