What We Preach Matters

I find it incredible that people would take offense at our preaching the gospel in other nations. While in Burma I saw televisions blaring MTV in our hotel lobby. That kind of thing corrupts morals by promoting immodest dress and overt sexuality. It suggests promises of a better life for the sexually liberated & promiscuous. It touts a life of partying and fun. Yet it can never deliver these things. The sex it promote leads to over-population, AIDS, greater poverty and suffering. The ‘fun’ life style leads to wasting scarce, hard-earned money on clothes, cigarettes, alcohol, and clubbing. The pain of all this is anesthetized by the dream-wish that this is the good life.

But when I go and preach salvation in Christ I am some how doing them a disservice! When I hold out the promise of eternal fellowship with God through Jesus Christ, a promise that can and does deliver, I am ruining the natives’ happiness. The gospel is seen as corrupting the culture but MTV is benign. There are calls for the gospel to stay home but not a whisper against Hollywood or MTV.

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