Weird Art

Sometimes art is just weird Summary: A painting of a black square was dropped from a Russian auction because it was “too precious to sell.”Comment: Avant garde is one thing but for goodness sake, this is a black square! How much vision does that take? My kids have created that before but we didn’t put it in a frame. Wow, I mean it was predicted the painting would sell for between $2 million and $10 million! For a black square! Reminds me of the old song by Dire Straits, In The Gallery from their self-titled first album:And then you get an artist says he doesn’t want to paint at allHe takes an empty canvas and sticks it on the wallThe birds of feather all the phonies and all of the fakesWhile the dealers they get togetherAnd they decide who gets the breaksAnd who’s going to be in the gallery

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