Oh man, do I have some catching up to do on the blog front.

1) I dropped my Handspring Visor Deluxe about 1 foot and the screen cracked. I just picked up a “returned” Visor Neo off eBay for the price of a replacement screen. Hope that was a good move. The Neo has a faster CPU.

2) I found a job at Whole Foods Market but it doesn’t pay enough but it is a job for now. I’m looking else where and was offered a job by security company for better pay but it requires a bigger initial outlay. Still praying over that. There is a secular radio station up the road from me. I think I’ll pop in some time and see if they need anyone to babysit the board at night. I have radio experience (I did a radio program for my church for a while) and worked sound for two bands and at church. It would be nice to read and listen to music at night and get paid for it. We’ll see.

3) This is registration week! It has been great. There have been some wonderful devotions by some of the profs every morning. What a great way to start the day, wish we did it every day. :) As far as actual registration, they assigned people certian times and I got 8:30 AM which is the first time slot. I stand a good chance of getting the classes I want. I’m stacking them all up on Tuesday and Thursday so that it will be easier to do a work schedule around them.

4) I deleted OpenOffice off the iBook when it expired. Aside from it running slow, I didn’t like the way the word processor handeled tables, a function I use a lot. OpenOffice isn’t a bad start but it needs some maturing so I’ll continue to use Word in Classic until something better comes along.

5) I started getting nervous that I hadn’t backed up my Quicken data in a while so I picked up 50 blank CDs for $10 at OfficeMax. Burned a whole bunch of stuff on one and I can stop worrying.

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