Tolerance? What Tolerance?

There is a $27 million museum being build outside Cincinnati that promotes a creationist view of, well, creation. In this age of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, you’d figure the whole thing would be ignored except by those who already hold a literalist view of the first chapters of Genesis, right? Bah! One of the most intolerant groups of people in the world is scientists! Don’t you dare shake the status quo! And so a protest is planned because some “fear that their children may be influenced by what the museum teaches.” Egad! You mean they might think for themselves when presented with contradictory evidence! This cannot stand.

But the protesters include Christians as well. Go figure. I found this quote rather ironic:

“My brothers and sisters in the faith who embrace [the creationist] understanding call into question the whole Christian concept,” expressed the Rev. Mendle Adams, pastor of St. Peter’s United Church of Christ in Cincinnati, according to the Enquirer. “They make us a laughingstock.”

Is “the whole Christian concept” that we not be made a laughingstock Rev. Adams? Wasn’t this the kind of reaction the philosophers of Paul’s day had when he preached on Mars Hill? He confronted the worldview of the day and was not well received. It didn’t “call into question the whole Christian concept.” Look, Rev. if the creationists are wrong, they’re wrong based on faulty exegesis not based on what the world thinks of them.

The museum is being built by Answers in Genesis, a group who have on occasion jacked up my blood pressure with some of their exegesis. No, I’m not a fan. However, these people have as much right to build a museum that showcases their view of how we got here as does any other. If there was a group who build a museum to demonstrate that mankind arrived on this planet by means of an superior race who put us here as part of an eighth grader’s science experiment would there be protests? Perhaps there is some evidence for creation that cannot be put in a museum without “proper scientific interpretation?” Let them build the museum and let them compete in the marketplace of ideas.

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