Today’s Updated

I work full time and go to school full time so guess how much time blogging gets. Here’s an update of cool recent events.
1) I have been called for a second interview by a security company so a new job could be on the horizon, one that pays better.
2) Handspring mailed me a free replacement Visor Deluxe even though the old one has been out of warranty for about 8 months. And the replacement is black instead of translucent blue. Thank you Handspring.
3) The Neo arrived the same day as the Deluxe and the Neo kept locking up and needing a soft reboot. I feared that the company wouldn’t allow a return but they did.
4) God is continuing to meet our financial needs even though I haven’t received a paycheck from Whole Foods yet nor have I seen a retirement check. I am constantly thankful and amazed at how he works.
5) We are checking out a Presbyterian church right now (PCA). I don’t know how it will work out in the long run. They’ll let me be a member (I am a Calvinist, a Covenant Theologian and all but I reject infant baptism) but I could never be in a position of leadership in the church. I don’t know how that would affect an internship (if at all, if that was even a possibilty).

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