I updated to Tiger last night. Update went very smoothly. After the upgrade I tended to get the spinning beach ball a lot so I repaired permissions and rebooted. That didn’t seem to help so I zapped the PRAM and things are now great.

Couldn’t wait to try Dashboard and play with some widgets. The ripple effect doesn’t work on my TiBook. Not enough video memory I guess. Oh well. Safari 2.0 is much faster. Spotlight is what finally turned my head. I thought it would be Dashboard but I already have Konfabulator so that wasn’t such a lure. With Spotlight I can declutter my desktop and still quickly find my stuff. And I really like the new, clean look of Mail!

I also installed iWork. Keynote is just awesome. It looks great. I mean everything is top shelf. Now I can’t wait to do a presentation in order to use it! Pages is good too. It seems to have everything Word has (minus the format painter as far as I can tell). The tools are better organized. I had it open a rather complicated Word document from my Hebrew class and it did it perfectly. Formatting was exactly the same. That is cool. Could this be goodbye to Word and PowerPoint? Still need to keep Excel though I guess.

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