These Two Paragraphs Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Another entry in our infrequent series. And don’t let the fact that both articles are from The Christian Post confused you.

Atheist Newdow Says Legal Fight against ‘Under God’ is ‘Over’ Turns out that that one little phrase was all it took to convert Newdow from an atheist to an evangelical Christian! No, not really. He just came to realize that he doesn’t have the goods to prove his case. Personally, I don’t care if the phrase is there or not. We don’t much act like a nation under God very often. Maybe Newdow can go on to fight for something important like prison reform or ending abortion or something. You know, help America behave more like a nation really under God.

Former Dawkins Atheist Richard Morgan Continues to Praise God What we believe really matters. We may fail to live up to our beliefs but we won’t live above them. This poor fellow expected the atheist community to engage in civil, philosophical discussions about his new found atheism. First mistake, he expected civil discourse on the Internet. Second mistake, he expected civil discourse at Richard Dawkins’ website. What he witnessed was atheists behaving according to their beliefs: ┬ásurvival of the fittest. Truth didn’t really matter that much in those settings.

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