To Thee and Thy Seed? A Critical Evaluation of Paedobaptism.

Edwards’ Unpublished Essay on the Trinity (formatted).

The Circumcision of Christ in Colossians 2:11, an exegetical paper (PDF 80KB).

Bad Theological Humor.

Contending for Faith: Analyzing The Assault On Faith In The Truman Show And The Ladykillers – A term paper I wrote for Cultural Hermeneutics class (PDF 64KB).

A Reformed Baptist Hermeneutic – A series of blog entries on the subject. Part 1, 2, and 3. Here is are some posts with some supplemental information on the subject: 1

The End of the Dietary Law – A five point paper on the dietary law from the Mosaic covenant.

Hell Under Fire – A brief examination of the Biblical doctrine of hell.

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