The Wounded

Busy night at work! The store finished the day with somthing like $90k in sales, and that friends is a lot of organic food! The deli was pretty busy too. However, the night ended on a down note. One of my guys took a pretty good chunk off of his thumb cleaning the cheese slicer. He’s at the hospital now. I’d intended on closing quickly and getting home and in to bed. Insert a glass of wine in there to help me unwind.

Mark was really hurting but my Air Force “Self-Aid/Buddy Care” training kicked in. I washed the wound quickly and then dressed it. I had him apply direct pressure. Someone wound some tape around his thumb as a makeshift tourniquet. I took that off pretty quick. You can loose a limb that way! I had him sit down for fear of shock kicking in and him passing out. He didn’t but better safe than sorry. We filled out the paperwork and sent him off to the hospital. I then sanatized the slicer, the counter space around it and behind it. My hands smell like bleach.

I have to get up around 4 AM or maybe 4:30 and get to work by 5:30AM to open the store, then take off for Michigan to catch up with my family at my Mom’s for Christmas. This will be the first Christmas we spend together in quite a while. I need to get to sleep and it is ten till midnight. I’m praying for Mark and I told him so.

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