The Sad Part

In another context I came across the part of the Covenant Theology that saddens me. I didn’t realize that it unsettled me till I saw it all lumped together:

These things are logical extensions of the presuppositions of Covenant Theology but they strike me as extensions that are not submitted to the regulation of Scripture but instead are allowed to regulate the interpretation of Scripture. I love Covenant Theology and hate to see it misapplied like this. Perhaps I will blog on my thoughts on each one of these in the future.

ADDED: A friend expressed to me some reservation at my lumping NPP in with Covenant Theology. I considered rewording this but I think I’ll let it stand. There are Reformed folks who would claim to be Covenant Theologians who hold to the Federal Vision and the New Perspective. Just to be clear though, I do not believe that Covenant Theology necessarily leads to these things, simply that these things exist in the broad circle of Covenant Theology.

ALSO ADDED: I fully plan on doing a follow up post on the Happy Part where I sing the praises of the things I love in the Reformed

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