The Miracle of Conversion

This was from an Internet friend (names and placed modified):

A man named Keith here in Corum, MA was raised in a Mormon family, married a Jehovah's Witness, and lived across the street from a Christian Scientist Church. About a month ago two other men in our church and I had the opportunity to sit down with him and go through the Scriptures together. We covered everything from salvation by faith alone to the Trinity and Deity of Christ. At that point we could see confusion still over the role of works. He started attending our church and bought a concordance. Last week he looked up every verse in the Bible that has to do with salvation or justification. I visited him Friday night and saw that he had written out in his own words a beautiful statement on justification that was simply a compilation of thoughts from the verses he had read. He understood the need for repentance and faith and embraced the Lord Jesus and His work. He is seeing immediate changes in his desires and actions and wants to be baptized to show himself a disciple of Christ. Give praise to the Spirit for His regenerating work and praise to the Son for His sacrificial work and to the Father for His election and calling. What joy to simply see the word have its effect and see that no matter what tools of confusion the enemy may use he cannot thwart the sovereign hand of God.

It is amazing to see what God can do and overcome. The hardest heart is clay in His hands. Soli Deo Gloria

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