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Don’t Waste Your Social Media

Doug Wilson’s wisdom on social media:

Technology is a gift and blessing from God and, as such, it is a form of wealth. We are not permitted to think that wealth is sinful in and of itself, but we are required to remember at all times that it presents to us a peculiar set of temptations.

Because the Bible doesn’t mention Facebook, or Twitter, or other forms of social media by name, many people just assume all bets are off, and that they can do whatever they want. Unfortunately, what they want usually works out to a colossal waste of time at best, and at worst, it spirals down into immorality and vice.

But there are glorious opportunities involved here, opportunities that ought not to be squandered. Instead of gossip, or random updates about a bunch of nothing, use social media to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. Use it to encourage the saints—Scripture says that every word should be used to edify the one who hears. And use it to call out tyranny and coercion wherever you see it—and if you don’t see it anywhere, it is because your eyes aren’t open.

Make it a point to post, a significant percentage of the time, encouraging Scriptures, quotations from Chesterton, memes that confound the sanctimonious, sermon clips, and book reviews. And don’t do it like you are being super-spiritual either. Just be normal—but remember that normal ought to be biblically normed.