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Bibliotheca Read Through the Bible in a Year Plan

Bibliotheca Readers Bible

This plan is based on the Blue Letter Bible Daily Reading Program Historical Plan. The Old Testament readings follow the Hebrew book order which is what Bibliotheca does. The New Testament readings are in the order the books were written.

The daily readings are 6 to 10 pages long, longer in poetry since there are fewer words per page, though a few are shorter or longer. There are a handful of unplanned days at the end of program. I plan to use them when I miss a day.

I hope the plan is helpful. I developed it by reading through Bibliotheca in a year twice. I made a lot of notes on my reading plan and then produced this. It is a work in progress and I typically update it after I’ve used it. Check back yearly.


Download the PDF here.

Updated to version 3 on 1/1/2024