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Don’t Consider Lesser Sins Unimportant

But don’t consider lesser sins unimportant: they may not weigh heavy, but tremble when you count them. Where then is our hope? In acknowledging our sins. Try hard not to sin, but if from weakness you fall, be sorry, realize what you have done, blame yourself: then you can with confidence come before the judge; he is also your advocate and the propitiation for your sins.

St. Augustine, Commentary on the 1st Epistle of St. John

Rapture Interrupted?

1 John 2:28 reads in part “not shrink away from Him in shame at His coming.” I don’t understand how this would work if the Church is raptured, caught up in the air with Him and wisked away from the earth. If, as the bumper sticker reads, your car will be unoccupied in the event of the Rapture, how is it that you might “shrink away from Him”? You’re floating in the air, aren’t you?