Strange, Really Strange

I don’t like Will Ferrell. I haven’t seen one of his movies and I have never been interested in seeing them. They all seem juvenile to me. He essentially has one shtick and he does it over and over. Adam Sandler does the same thing. So do 100 other comedy actors. However, Ferrell’s new film, Stranger Than Fiction has gotten my attention. It looks very different and very good. I read a review somewhere that compared it to Jim Carrey’s change of role when he did The Truman Show. I loved The Truman Show and was pleasantly surprised at Carrey’s acting. It looks like Stranger Than Fiction holds out that same hope. I’m going to have to see it.

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  • It was a great film!

  • Thanks for the endorsement Drew. That sews it up, it will be the next film I see. Maybe over the Thanksgiving break. I’ll see that before I see The Prestige.

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