Star Wars Prophet

This cartoon was originally published on July 15, 1983. Notice that Lucas says that the prequels should begin in ’98, Berke Breathed only missed it by one year! Not bad. Click on the picture to see the rest of the cartoon. Luke Binkleywalker is not happy about having to wait that long. Imagine how he would have felt had Lucas also told him about Jar Jar and the whining Anakin!

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  • I felt so betrayed by the utter stupidity of Phantom Menace that I gave up on Lucas. I haven’t watched either the Clone War or the next whose name I can’t recall. When I was watching Phantom Menace and it got to the point of explaining the force in terms of Mitochlorians (or whatever it was), I was speechless. I sat there in the theater and thought to myself: Lucas just cut out the only thing interesting in his whole fantasy. With this kind of materialistic reduction, there isn’t even a credible fantasy elment left. Anakin was awful, Jar Jar was worse. The movie stank abysmally. No more Lucas for me.

  • Next time, I’ll post what I really think.

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