School? S’ cool.

School? School you ask? I am sooo far behind. I did get an A+ on the first review of my Greek Exegesis notebook (we’re doing Colossians). However, I got a C on my first major quiz and flunked both of my vocab test. What is that supposed to tell me? I take it to mean that while I don’t know the technical details, I can still get the work done. Don’t tell me otherwise, the sun is shining brightly here in Timland.

BTW, I have to do a exegetical paper on Colossians. I picked Colossians 2:11, specifically the phrase “the circumcision of Christ”. I’m going to try to prove that it is a subjective genitive phrase (the circumcision Christ performs) rather than an objective genitive (the circumcision performed on Christ, that is, His crucifixion). I did a bunch of historical research and it looks pretty good but the hard part will be the linguistic stuff.

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