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It has been over 4 weeks since I started running. I wouldn’t dare call myself a runner yet but I am loving it! Today’s run was a five minute brisk walk, run 3/4 of a mile in 8 minutes, walk 4 minutes, run 3/4 in 8 again, finished with a 5 minute cool down. Covered about 3.5km in 20 minutes. Not record setting but not bad for a 46 year old man whose been running for almost 5 weeks.

For the record in the 5 weeks I’ve run (and walked) a total of 25 1/2 km in 5 hours 11 minutes. I’ve lost 6 pounds. My recovery time after each run has dramatically improved. I never thought I’d want to or would be able to do something like this. But I’m really liking it! The real test will be when winter comes. If I can make it though that, I might call myself a runner.

After this 9 week program is over, I’m going to start training for a 5k. You have to have goals and a plan otherwise you lose focus and feel like there is no point Well, I did anyway.

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  • Whatever happened to miles? Next thing you know Nascar will be in k’s. The whole world is goin liberal on me.

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