Rosie Rides Again!

I have no idea why I am keeping track of her stupid statements but I can’t seem to help myself. That’s right, Rosie’s done it again. Clay Aiken, the American Idol star was on some talk show and he put his hand over his co-host, Kelly Ripa’s mouth (whoever she is) at some point. Looks like he did it innocently enough but she copped an attitude about it. The next day on “The View” Rosie played a clip. Kelly kind of scolded Clay for doing it and then said, “I don’t know where that hand’s been, honey!” The tape pauses and Rosie inserts her foot in her mouth once again: “Now listen, to me, that’s a homophobic remark.” Here‘s a clip.

What an idiot. How on earth is that a homophobic remark? I’ve said that to straight people in the past. I’ve had it said to me. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. I’m thankful that every stupid thing I say isn’t recorded and reported on, but she really needs to learn from her mistakes.

Addendum: Despite rumors, Clay has not come out on his sexual orientation one way or the other. Rosie presumed that Kelly believed Clay to be gay.

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