Roadie Me

So I’m traveling this week. My first helpdesk job is to travel with the Regional President and do the audio/visual set up for him. Not a bad first job! Whole Foods recently bought Wild Oats and so we’re visiting some of the new stores our region acquired. Patrick (our pres) is welcoming them to Whole Foods and telling them their fate. Will we close, rebrand or keep those Wild Oats? Don’t ask, I don’t know yet.

So here I am in Omaha. Not a bad place. Hopefully I’ll get to go out with Patrick and some of the VPs for steaks tonight. :) Hey, I’m in Omaha. I’ve gotta have a steak! We do our first presentation tomorrow morning and then in the afternoon fly off to St. Louis for our next gig. I haven’t been able to travel much over the past five years because school had me pretty firmly rooted at home. It is good to get out.

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