Report: Mr. Mom Week 1

So I’ve been Mr. Mom this week while Lisa is out of town. The last time I did this, all of the kids were little and homeschooled and it was insane. Now with one child away in college, another home and in college and one homeschooled, it hasn’t been as crazy. Turns out I can cook more than Ramin and have done a couple of soups but I’m cooking too much. We have leftovers for days and even I get tired of eating them. :)

Admittedly,  many of the things Lisa was doing prior to her trip ended and I’m not doing all the things she normally does so I’m not saying that she has it easy. I’ve been keeping up, that’s all. And she set me up for success with the school work. On top of that, I grabbed a copy of her brain before she took off; I scanned this month’s calendar from her dayplanner. That and the house isn’t quite as clean as Lisa would keep it, but hey, I’m comfortable.

And there is a “Mr.” component to this too. I’m redoing both the bathrooms. Painting, replacing fixtures, touching up. The fixtures that were in there were the cheapest and poorly installed. When our previous landlord had the house painted, the painters did minimal preparation so I’m filling holes and sanding and wiping down walls before we begin painting. I’m pretty sure Lisa will like the results when she gets back. She gets to pick out the things that will come with us when we move so she’ll have her input too.

At the same time, I’m teaching Sunday school this Sunday and next and I’m leading our Growth Group. Fortunately, I taught this class last term so I’m pretty much done and the Growth Group is going through the Becoming a Contagious Christian series so it requires little preparation on my part. Next week will take some getting ready but this week we have an important congregational meeting so no Growth Group.

There is some excellent stuff going on at work and I’m sorry I’m not there for it. I’ll be working an overnight at my old store on Monday so I can get my fix then I guess.The report I’ve gotten from Lisa is that things are going well so I’m happy.

Man, was that a boring blog post. :) 

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  • Not boring at all…..I’m glad things are going well on the homefront! We’re praying for Lisa and all of you….Kim

  • child am i? whatever.

  • Child. Deal. Widdit. :)

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