See the photo? Sad isn’t it. The hinge on my Powerbook jammed and when my daughter tried to close it, it snapped. My options? Well, I checked with the company that repaired it when I dropped it and broke the hinge last time. Turns out it was three weeks out of warranty. They said they understood and offered to consider it when they performed the $250 repair. Again. I decided to pass. Another website had a do-it-yourself deal on the hinge for $99. That site usually has excellent detailed instructions with photos. They said that the hinge replacement was too advanced and didn’t recommend doing it yourself. My only other option was eBay. I found a hinge there for $40. Installed it today and I’m back in business.

To be fair, I did find instructions on line from some other brave soul who did it his self also. It was easy but very nerve wracking. I kept wondering if I was going to break the display. The trim is still loose so I need to find a good adhesive but the work itself was pretty easy.

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  • Ebay can be a good thing!

  • just not built like a good ol’ fashee-oned PC! YEEHAW Bill Gates!

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