Random Rant.

Let me first say that “I am a catholic” and “I am orthodox”! It bugs me that Roman Catholics and the [fill in the blank] Orthodox have taken those terms. I’m catholic because I believe in and confess a holy, catholic and apostolic church. I don’t believe that it is exclusivly the Roman church though I am sure some Roman Catholics are part of the catholic Church. I am orthodox because I believe and confess what the Church has always confessed about the person and work of Jesus Christ. I don’t believe that you have to take all of the Eccuminical Councils or be part of the Eastern, Greek, Russian, etc. Orthodox Church to be orthodox.

Come to think of it, I’m not so crazy about the Baptists taking that name either. I am baptistic in relation to the sacraments only in that I do not hold to infant baptism. Other than that, I am not what one often thinks of as a Baptist. By and large, Baptists are dispensational, I’m not. By and large Baptists are memorialsts in relation to the Lord’s Table, I’m not. There are some Southern Baptists who are liberal, I’m not. There are a lot of Baptists who are fundimentalists, I’m not.

I guess that at the end of the day, I am best called a disciple of Christ. No, wait, someone has taken that name too! AAaarrrggghhh.

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